International Spy Museum

The Spy Museum in Washington D.C. is known for its fun, interactive exhibits.

But it's also home to some of the most daring stories of espionage in American history.

We wanted to tell those stories.


There are many important historical figures with connections to espionage. With the Spy Catcher Google Chrome extension, anyone from George Washington to Julia Child will have their secret past revealed.


While we celebrate the stories of famous spies, you can find the story of espionage in your family. Through a partnership with, you can see exactly what kind of secrets lie in your family's past.


The stories and secrets of Washington D.C. go much deeper than the average tour. This augmented reality experience and walking tour gives you some of the capital's real stories 


We can push these stories out-of-home, to places like the metro.


Or smaller areas scattered around D.C.


And onto places like rental car keychains.


One way to prove your worth at spying is finding bits of information hidden for you in plain sight. 

Dead Dropped is a geocache scavenger hunt for hidden museum tickets throughout the city. Participants use google maps to find the area, and their wits to find the hidden location


Secrets aren't reserved for spies. These shirts have an invisible message that only appears when they're wet.


Art Director: Hunter Carr